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People, state of the environment, artificial intelligence and technology are things that interest me. My name is Dirk Jan Buter and this is my personal blog. I am a software developer and entrepreneur, located in Friesland, The Netherlands.

My First CakePHP Experience

For my work I needed to learn CakePHP. It took me 3 months to master it although I already have a good background in PHP. In this article I would like to share my experience.

It is hard and frustrating to learn CakePHP. The most frustrating thing is the database manipulations. If you expect to enter mysql statements, then you will be disappointed, CakePHP has its own way of handling the database, with classes and functions. It took me a while to understand it. Most confusing is the difference between a table class and a model class.

CakePHP is based on the MVC model and it has a great advantage above other models or frameworks. CakePHP writes the code for you, with the cake bake command line tool. In no time it will use the information of your new created tables in your database to write code automatically. The forms are created for you to list, view, add, edit, delete your data. The only task for you is to make it look nice ;)

PHP is a language with a lot of possibilities and this is the reason why it gets messy quickly, if you don’t have a good plan. CakePHP however, forces you to keep your code clean and structurize.

Croogo is a CMS made in CakePHP, although the project did look abandoned to me, the project is still active according the developer. By using the Croogo CMS as a base for your project, you do get a good head start. It definitely saves you a lot of time. You could think of Croogo as a simpler version of Wordpress.

Conclusion: CakePHP is a great framework to work with if you are good at PHP and you are basically looking for more structure in your project. To learn CakePHP you need to take time, effort and remain focused and with the use of Croogo you have definitely a head start.

Never try to change the other person

From my experience, never try to change the other person, but change your own actions towards the person, because your action triggers their reaction. And thus you have the desired result.

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Vertical farming

Supermarkets are becoming more expensive and selling unhealthy food: too salty, too much sugar, bad fats, at an unfair price and it is also bad for the environment, because products come from all over the world. Now that more and more people are coming to live on this earth, it is almost impossible to feed everyone. Hopefully "vertical farming" is a solution. This video explains what vertical farming is:

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