Hello, nice to meet you!

This is the legacy of Dirk Jan Buter. I want to leave this when I’m in cryostasis, in a frozen state of sleep. It’s for you if you remember me and for me when I wake up and come back. I am writing my autobiography for you to read, but also for me to remember.

I am Dirk Jan Buter and I was born in 1979 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Currently I live as always and enjoy it to the fullest. For a long time I buried my head in the sand, I didn’t want to face it, at some point it’s over, end. Life is too short and I want to do so many things that don’t fit into a normal human lifespan.

At that point I decided to take action, I want to keep my body and mind in cryostasis when the time comes. I feel lonely in my decision because none of my family or friends want to follow my example.

This is my website about my life and decision about cryostasis and I hope it will inspire you.

Yours sincerely,

Dirk Jan Buter