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November 8, 2021 0

Delft on the Move

Voor de mensen die mij volgen: Ik ga mijn kennis en ervaring inzetten bij Delft on the Move! Ik mag mij aansluiten bij het geweldige team van deze stichting. Hun internationale karakter spreekt mij erg aan. Ze maken o.a. veel bekeken programma’s op platformen als YouTube.Jullie gaan hier vast nog meer van horen en wil…
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October 29, 2021 0

Virtual Reality with two CRT-monitors

I tried to make a VR HMD, before oculus existed, in 2007. The effect was cool, as expected. The only problem was that badroom mirrors reflect twice: once on the mirror and once on the glass. That made the image a bit blurry.

October 29, 2021 0

Nice Toys

October 28, 2021 0

Making Radio as Social Work

During corona time, 2020, it was the year I worked to an ambitious goal: Help people through the day by letting them make their own radio show. With a crowdfunding I collected 1000 euros and started a radio station under the name Shield Radio, later called Astradio. With the radio team we showed that people…
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October 27, 2021 0

The Mustang Dream

The Ford Motor Company, founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903, has released a beautiful sixth generation Mustang, which is perfectly made for the true car fan. That’s how it started Ford introduced methods for large-scale car production using assembly line production runs. Ford is the second largest automaker in the US and the…
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October 25, 2021 0

Insecure is beautiful!

Women are often insecure about themselves and those are the best. Freckle here, pimple there, don’t do anything about it, because it’s beautiful! Personally, I like real and pure, no layers of make-up and certainly no botox. It’s the same with hair: women want short hair, then they cut it off and regret it. I…
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October 25, 2021 0

Personal Shield

Kids know how to hurt when they are not getting what they want. Like: If you do this, I will do that. For adults, it is the same. The difference is that they have access to military ‘toys’. They are adult enough to start with a simple disagreement and end with a total war. I…
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October 25, 2021 0

Welcome to my new site

This is a fresh start. Thank you for revisiting!

October 24, 2021 0

Interview with alderman Sloots of Zwolle

At the opening, Nov 6, 2020, of Shield Radio / Astradio I had a nice interview with alderman Sloots of the municipality of Zwolle, which I am quite proud of.

November 6, 2020 0