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October 25, 2021 Blog 0

Kids know how to hurt when they are not getting what they want. Like: If you do this, I will do that. For adults, it is the same. The difference is that they have access to military ‘toys’. They are adult enough to start with a simple disagreement and end with a total war. I call them: “big kids with guns”.

The mature adults learned that violence to solve a disagreement does not solve anyting only making it much worser. They know how to talk and connect, how hard it sometimes may be, it saves a lot of unnecessary drama, bloodshed and deaths.

Voilence is a thing you cannot control, it cannot be banned. The thing that can be done is education of young people how to deal with disagreements, frustration and anger.

It would be nice if there was a protection shield against all kinds of voilence. A personal shield for everyone. I know it is fantasy, but who knows how the future will be? For now better education around the world can be a world of diffrence. There should be a mandory class in school about the matter.

If you think all this all an illusion or unreatcheble utopian taughts, then I think that the television and media as too much influence on you and it blurries your view of reality. If you agree or disagree, please comment below….

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