Dirk Jan Buter

Technology for Personal Development

Dirk Jan Buter, a writer, technology enthusiast and transhumanist

Hello and welcome to my website DirkJanButer.com! I am 43 years old and live in Zwolle and am married to Puja and father of a six-year-old daughter. I am a software and web developer, vlogger, transhumanist and cryonicist. I am currently writing a book about my life and experiences, which will focus on my battle with illness, my journey to becoming an entrepreneur and my vision of the future. In addition, I regularly organize meetups about technology and personal development. I also set up Dirk Jan Buter's Magazine, a perfect resource for tech-savvy readers, where they can keep up to date with the latest technological developments and how they can be used in personal development. The magazine consists of member stories, interviews with experts and innovators, tutorials and reviews. Thus, it is a perfect platform for tech enthusiasts to stay informed and inspired.

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