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I explained in a video that I want to be a biographer and that's why I write my own biography. Now you can also find an article about biohacking on my website. I understand that many people here do not see the connection. Biohacking can be summarized as optimizing body and mind by using scientific knowledge. This fits into the realm of transhumanism and cryostasis, but what does this have to do with biography?

I want to help people write their biography, of course to read, but also for themselves. They can later read the book about themselves when they come out of cryostasis or even more interesting for cloning techniques.

Human cloning is not yet morally accepted. But I think this will change in the near future. Animal cloning is already happening in the United States. This is still not allowed here in Europe. Cloning animals and humans is not much different. I also don't think the technology is the problem and maybe it's secretly already happening.

When you wake up from cryostasis, you (hopefully) still remember everything, if not, you still have your biography. With cloning, you basically start from scratch. A biography can be a useful tool to 'pick up' the thread again.

Biohacking is the key to animal and human cloning. There is a great responsibility involved. A lot is possible. For example, manipulating your own DNA. Why the hell would you mess with your own DNA? Quite simply, some biohackers are able to cure or try to cure chronic or genetic diseases on their own.

This is science at its best. It puts power in the hands of the individual and not so much in the old entrenched system, where regulations, bureaucracy and monopolies form a barrier.

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