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Do you like this world?

For a long time I have wondered why the world is the way it is. I’m not sure about it. I know I don’t fit in.

Everything in economics is about performance and reward. The better you perform, the better your wallet is. The other way around is also true. If you perform poorly, you won’t be able to earn much or you will build up debt. But what if you are ill or incapacitated for work? Are you suddenly not counting anymore? For that reason alone I don’t think it’s a good system.

It is also a consumer society, after all, your reward for good performance must be spent. That’s not all, because what you buy is of mediocre quality. It has to break quickly so that you start buying replacement products, according to the model.

Then there are the printers and coffee machines. These printers only last a short time and the ink is also more expensive than a new printer. The same applies to coffee machines such as the Senseo. You can get such a machine for a few tenners, but don’t forget that the coffee pods are quite pricey.

What I want to make clear, everything revolves around the circulation of money. I think that’s not the intention. I think we should make products that are durable, sustainable and good for the planet.

Society should be about the people, about needs and how to fulfill them. But if we’re going to do that, won’t that economy fall apart, you might ask?

First we have to ask why that economy exists and why it is maintained. The first thing you need to know is that money is a tool of power. Money moves people. Second, it maintains current power.

Fortunately, the world is slowly changing, because we are in the middle of those changes. As the world changes, current constants change and so a shift takes place, including in the balance of power.

How will the world change then? Old ideas about the economy are making way for new ones. There will be a new ranking. We are entering the era in which people become more aware of love for each other, experience and apply acceptance, charity, compassion and free will within themselves. Old patterns and consciousness are transformed. This era is also called Age of Aquarius (from astrology).

I think we will be and are happier once we fully transition into this new era. Something we want to get out of bed for, something we love, something the world needs. How beautiful is that? Put those old thoughts and patterns aside and live from love, love for each other.

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