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Technology for Personal Development

This are the Dirk Jan Buter´s Wiki pages. Here you will find useful information about technology for personal development. Here we write aout new and future technologies. Topics covered are biohacking, artificial intelligence, cryonics, quantified self, virtual reality and more. To edit or add information here, please contact me to become a contributor.

Dirk Jan Buter´s Magazine


Dirk Jan Buter´s Magazine is about technology for personal development. It features member stories, interviews with experts and innovators, product and service tutorials and reviews, resources and discussions on the safe and ethical use of technology. The magazine focuses on biohacking, quantified self, cryonics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more. It offers technology enthusiasts the chance to stay abreast of the ever-changing world of technology, and the ideas and innovations that come with it.

The first issue of Dirk Jan Buter's Magazine hasn't appeared yet, but you can sign up on to receive a notification when the magazine comes out. Keep up to date with the latest technology developments and follow the innovative ideas and stories presented in the magazine. Join the waitlist!

The Hacking Horizons Events

Hacking Horizons is a recurring event dedicated to exploring the exciting, new, and future technologies that are reshaping our lives and our world. This event will explore topics such as Biohacking, Quantified Self, Cryonics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality and how they are impacting our lives and our world. Join us as we discuss and debate the potential implications of these new technologies and how we can use them to our advantage. We look forward to seeing you at the events of Hacking Horizons!

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